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Remembered I had an NG account.

2011-05-15 11:16:01 by Afroray



2010-02-13 17:06:35 by Afroray

I'd like to put some kind of witty soliloquy here.

But you know...

Really tired...

Geeky Rant

2009-06-22 08:10:04 by Afroray

I've never previously written a blog before, and since I write like a pretentious nob I never had an awful lot of enthusiasm. I've also never really thought about the concept, I keep telling myself it's not a diary since I haven't entered any of my hopes and dreams like riding a unicorn to the sherbet kingdom (damn!).
I guess I wish I had a stem of inspiration causing my fingers to slide along the keyboard creating a hilarious and well executed...

Actually you know what?
I had a concept of writing a long detailed explanation of my sarcasm and mild hatred for all things South peak games. but I ran out of patience so I listed a few things I like and dislike about the games industry:

1) South Peak Games
2) Cash cow franchises
3) Movie games
4) T.V games
5) T.V shows that become Movies that then become games
6) Movies that become T.V shows that then become games
7) South Peak Games
8) Board game video games
9) Lemmings... Just let it die...
10) South Peak Games

1) Valve
3) Peggle

Well evenin all.

Flash is back

2009-01-05 13:33:59 by Afroray

Exactly what it says on the tin

Funeral of Flash

2008-08-22 12:48:16 by Afroray

My Flash died.

A while ago I received some form of anonymous virus onto my mac. I know there are thousands of people willing to fight for the honour of Steve 'no virus' Jobs but who knows. Maybe theres some scary flaws?

Anyway I digress. Basically ALL my projects are gone. It's cool though, I can work my way back there *cry a little.*
Sympathy and money please.

Crysis-Psycho rocks!

2008-01-29 18:15:53 by Afroray

Started a concept of a CRYSIS parody featuring the generic Nomad and the Wonderfully entertaining PSYCHO. The character concept art is looking good but I'm open to suggestions. I can take criticism... as long as it isn't bad.

New N.G rocks

2007-07-26 10:10:13 by Afroray

N.G v.2 kicks in and a new generation of flash artists is born... (god that was cheesey)